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Photographer SM0NCL

Thank you everyone for making this an extremely fantastic meeting! More than 106 hams took part in the meeting during the three days we met in Ånnaboda!

Thank you also our sponsors that supplied all the nice prices in our lottery or borrowed us the instruments. Without your great contributions we would not have been able to get this to fly!

It seems like one of the more interesting exercises was to be able to do measurement on 122GHz using the brand new equipment from Rodhe & Schwarz. Their analyzer and the measurements done using it gather a lot of people. (If anyone is interested in buying one I am sure we can arrange a quotation... :) )

On the Sunday we extended the Swedish record on 122 GHz. When I left we were successfully getting 579 reports between Ånnaboda and Kvarntorpshögen. A distance of 28.97 km! The idea was then to try to extend it to 55.09 km. Hopefully they who were about to try made it!

Finally we are already looking forward to meet you next year in Kalundborg, Denmark @ V/U/SHF 2024!

73 de The organization team!

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Latest News

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Many of us have had QSO with SK0EN and maybe also wondered what rigs and  antennas they are using?

In this presentation by Per, SM0DFP, he will tell us all about it.

  • Short introduction to SK0EN
  • Bands QRV
  • Antenna systems
  • Tech shelter stations
  • Beacons
  • Rovers
  • Q and A

Their home page can be found at

Below are some pictures from the presentation showing the antennas.

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I has been more than a month since we gave some updates here on the Ånnaboda meeting. For your information the planning is ongoing and we have received some more presentations that will be presented here on these pages soon.

We will also release the form for booking accommodation and other items related to the meeting during the coming weeks.

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One of the first presentations we have received for the VUSHF 2023 is a presentation by Ingolf, SM6FHZ. The subject of it is "The Nature of AirCraft Scatter".

Ingolf has done some extensive simulations of the "reflection" and the physics behind it when using a typical passenger aircraft for ACS paths on, especially, 1296 MHz. From a ham perspective the AirScout is an excellent tool to use for setting the skeds. But what is actually happening around the aircraft? This is what you will have answered in this presentation!