Submitted by Thomas - SM0KBD on Mon 2022-11-28 - 10:14

Welcome to the VUSHF 2023 meeting and the site. We will publish information about the upcoming meeting in Ånnaboda here. So please stay tuned for more information!

The meeting will be hosted by SK0CT, the Amateur Radio Club of Ericsson AB in Kista.

Latest News

Submitted by Thomas - SM0KBD on Mon 2023-05-22 - 21:15

Now it is not many days until we meet in Ånnaboda. We in the organization committee are working hard, no time for any QSO's :), to make sure that this year of the V/U/SHF meeting will be a great success!

As you might have seen we have some very interesting presentations! We also have the traditional BBQ and the Ham-dinner! All activities can be found in the agenda and on these web-pages.

There are some things we would like to mention:

Submitted by Thomas - SM0KBD on Mon 2023-05-01 - 22:00

Now we have come to the sixth presentation at the V/U/SHF 2023 meeting. It is Jens, SM6AFV, who will describe his tool for finding the direction to your ham colleague when setting up a sked on micro-wave frequencies. In the presentation he will cover the following details:

  • Microwave portable operation
  • Building a GNSS Compass
  • Key component selection
  • Test version 1
  • Configuration with u-Blox u-center
  • Practical use with version 1
  • Version 2 improvements
  • Version 3 improvements (work in progress)