Welcome everyone to Ånnaboda!

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Now it is not many days until we meet in Ånnaboda. We in the organization committee are working hard, no time for any QSO's :), to make sure that this year of the V/U/SHF meeting will be a great success!

As you might have seen we have some very interesting presentations! We also have the traditional BBQ and the Ham-dinner! All activities can be found in the agenda and on these web-pages.

There are some things we would like to mention:

  1. Please remember that Ånnaboda is a cache free establishment. Only Swedish Swish and credit / debit cards are accepted for payment. This is specifically true for the Ham-dinner. You are not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the Ham-dinner so if you want to drink something stronger you have to buy it from Ånnaboda. This is the Swedish law. (However for the BBQ, please bring your own drinks as this is our own arrangement!!!)
  2. (Added) Please remember to bring your own bed linen if you are staying in a cottage. Unless you have requested it explicitly.
  3. Please make sure you have settled your invoices! There are still some that haven't done this. Please!
  4. Unfortunately we have no tables for the Car boot sale. Either use your car boot (!) or bring a table yourself.
  5. Check-in QRG is SK4BX/R R2, 145.650 MHz. Check-in station will be SK4VHF.  Access: 1750 Hz / 74.4 Hz / DTMF 1
  6. Check-in QTH is the main reception at Ånnaboda from 14.00 and on-wards on Friday

After these last minutes reminder, we are looking forward to many nice eyeball QSO:s the coming weekend!

The organization committee at SK0CT and our ham fellows in Örebro


Thomas, SM0KBD   
President SK0CT

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