Status report as of 24th of February 2023

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I has been more than a month since we gave some updates here on the Ånnaboda meeting. For your information the planning is ongoing and we have received some more presentations that will be presented here on these pages soon.

We will also release the form for booking accommodation and other items related to the meeting during the coming weeks.

Ånnaboda has an old tradition of doing antenna measurements. Many (and I mean many) years ago this was one of the places for measuring on antennas. This year we have a requests for doing the same again. We have identified a 170 m long path where it can be done. But unfortunately we have no idea yet if we can get access to measurement equipment that is suitable for our frequencies, like signal generators, measurement receivers or network analyzers and also the very important calibrated reference antennas. Do we have someone voluntary out there with some knowledge and access to the equipment for this to fly? We would also appreciate if this voluntary could drive the whole exercise! If so please get in touch with us in the organization group! We do understand that this would require a lot of preparation, especially to prepare and calibrate the path and antennas. An alternative option would be to put an item on the agenda to discuss and plan for a measurement session later.

In addition we are preparing presentations and activities related to 122 GHz. A presentation on how to improve the performance of the 122GHz equipment will be given. We will also provide information for possible longer distance QSO on the Sunday after the meeting.

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