Measurement equipment from Rohde & Schwarz

Submitted by Thomas - SM0KBD on

We are extremely happy to have been allowed to borrow the following extensive list of measurement equipment from Rohde & Schwarz!

The equipment are the following:

  • FE170: frontend for 110 GHz to 170 GHz , WM-1651 / WR-6.5
  • FS-SNS40: Noise source 100 MHz - 40 GHz, 2.92 mm male (Compatible with SMA)
  • FSW43: Signal and spectrum analyzer 2 Hz - 43.5 GHz with 4GHz demodulation bandwidth
  • SMW200a : Vector signal generator, 100 kHz to 44GHz with 2 GHz bandwidth
  • FS-Z60: Mixer 40GHz - 60GHz, WR19
  • FS-Z90: Mixer 60GHz - 90GHz, WR12

This means that we currently cover all amateur bands. The mixers make it possible to do measurements on 47GHz and 76GHz.

If you have any special measurement requests, please use the following form. (So that we can get some time to investigate how to do the measurement on these instruments :) ) We have tried to indicate the connectors used above, but if you need some special adaptors indicate that as well in the form.