New Swedish 122 GHz record!!!

Submitted by Thomas - SM0KBD on

On Sunday afternoon 28/5-2023 we got a new Swedish record on 122GHz @ 55.09 km!

The first attempt this day was made from Ånnaboda J079LI30RD to the wind turbine close to Kumla JO79NE30WN. The distance between them is 20.71 km. Here SM0RJV Mats, SM0BSO Peter, SM0ERR Mart and SM0DFP Per, all with suffix /4 succeeded to get 579 - 599 reports in both directions with SM6AFV/4 Jens at the wind turbine.

The next distance tried was between Ånnaboda J079LI30RD and Kvarntorpshögen JO79PD00LG which gives a distance of 28.97 km. This time SM0RJV and SM0ERR got 579 in both directions towards SM6AFV/4 at Kvarntorpshögen.

Finally SM6AFV moved to Läppe JO79VD92WE. Läppe is 55.09 km away from Ånnaboda J079LI30RD. At this distance SM0RJV/4 and SM6AFV/4 managed to make a two-way QSO with 539 in both directions with something like 0.5 mW! For reference the old record was 16.27 km and was held by SM0RJV and SM0NCL. So the new record is almost three time the old one!

We congratulate them to this fantastic achievement!!!

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