Booking FAQ

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Below we have collected all (most of at least) the question we have received. Hopefully you will find your question been answered below!

Fully booked!!!

This event are much more popular than we ever thought!!! We are completely fully booked. The conference room, where we have the presentations, has no seats left. All rooms and most cabin are occupied by us. The restaurant is filled. We are now squishing in people. We are trying to fix everything, but against authorities we have not much to say.

Cash free!

Please note that Ånnaboda is a cash-free place. This means that you can only pay there using either Swedish Swish or debit / credit cards.


Note that the breakfast is included in the hotel rooms, so you don't have to add it. But we will check that it becomes correct, so no worries!


The restaurant and the hotel rooms and the conference rooms are  within 200 m from each other. Some of the cottages are further away, maybe up to 700 m.

Special food is the restaurant at Ånnaboda. If you make a note in the comments form, we will communicate with them your special needs for food.

Update booking

The easiest way to update your booking is to use the "Questions" form. Just note what you want to have adjusted. Your "Secrete link" will reflect the latest version of your booking so that you can check that we have understood it correctly!

Single use of double room

For single use of double room the price will be 100 SEK lower per night.

Day visitors

Please note that you have to register even if you only intend to visit over the day but not stay over night. Unfortunately we have to ask for a conference fee of 200 SEK per person to cover all costs for the facilities we have booked.

Invoices, split

We have split the invoices in many different ways. We have put the accommodation on one person, we have split the accommodation on all involved. But, please don't split the invoice yourselves. If you do we will have problem tracing all parts of the payments done. Just send us a mail what you would like to do and we fix it!

Invoices, confirmation of received payment

Unfortunately we do not get complete transaction records from our bank on a regular basis. We are however trying to match received payment with the invoices once a week. But especially the SEPA payments are harder to match. Anyhow, when we have managed to match an invoice with a payment you will see it by using the Secret link at the end of your booking, i.e. in the mail with the heading "[VUSHF 2023 Meeting] Your booking". (Currently we have matched invoices until the 12th of May). If you are not listed it can be because the amount you have payed differs too much from the amount we expected you to pay.